Mount Bromo Tour Midnight

Mount Bromo Tour Midnight

Bromo Midnight Tour: The Shorthest Bromo Tour Package

Mount Bromo Tour Midnight Day Trip – If you want to have a short and quick vacation in Bromo, this midnight Bromo tour package is just what you are looking for. The trip which is scheduled to last for only 12-14 hours is deliberately designed for those who don’t really have much time in enjoying Bromo but still don’t want to miss its beauty and challenge.

The trip will start at midnight and last for at least 12 hours to bring you into the beauty of the famous Bromo crater, Pananjakan Hill, the best spot to see the sunrise, Savanna Hill and the Whispering sand.

Since it doesn’t take a long time, the simple trip is obviously the cheapest among any other Bromo tour package offered to you. However, the complete facilities will never make you regret to take this tour package. In addition, the tour guide will assure you that you will have a great experience of mountainous vacation in a short time so that you will ask for more and more in another time.

You can choose the point to start the journey: Surabaya, Malang or Banyuwangi. Then, the professional driver from Midnight Bromo tour package will be ready to pick you on the spot that you ask for.

The Itinerary of the Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Day Trip

  • The trip will start at midnight between 11 p.m. and 1 o’clock in the morning so that you can reach the sunrise view spot on the best time to see the sunrise. Make sure that you are ready on the location when the driver comes to fetch you on the pick-up spot. You will then be brought to Sukapura village or Cemara Lawang. This is the short rest area for people who want to go to Bromo crater and around.  On your way, the driver will stop for dinner or coffee break upon your request. Or in case you need to go to the toilet. Your trip here is estimated to be 3 hours long.
  • As you arrive at Cemara Lawang (at 3 o’clock in the morning as scheduled), you’ll have to change the car with the jeep provided. The jeep will take you directly to reach Penanjakan Hill. There you can have the best view to enjoy the sunrise.
  • Then, the jeep will take you down onto the sea sand where you can find the breathtaking panoramas ever on your surroundings.
  • Then you can cross the sea sand by hiring a horse to ride, or if you thing that you’re strong enough, you can walk, then continue to walk the stairs to get into the crater.
  • From the crater, the jeep will then take you to Savanna Hill and Whispering sand.
  • After exploring all the tourism objects at Mount Bromo, the car will take you back to Cemara Lawang to clean up yourself and have a rest for a while.
  • Then we will transfer you out immediately on the pick-up spot previously.

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Price

2 PERSONSIDR. 1.350.000,-
3 PERSONSIDR. 1.000.000,-
4 PERSONSIDR. 850.000,-
5 PERSONSIDR. 750.000,-

The Facilities of Mount Bromo Tour Midnight:

  • Private air-conditioned car with professional driver
  • Private jeep at Mount Bromo
  • Mineral drink during trip
  • Entrance free tickets for every tourism objects visited
  • Breakfast

The tour package excludes:

  • English speaking tour guide (you should make the order separately)
  • Horse riding fee
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Meals


This short tour may not be able to bring you to explore Mount Bromo completely and thoroughly for the limited duration of trip. However, within the short period of time, there are a lot of tourism spots that you can explore during the trip.

Bromo crater, Whispering sand, Pananjakan Hill (sunrise view spot) are the most iconic tourism spots of Bromo that you can enjoy during this trip.

Plus, this tour package is suitable for you who only have limited vacation time. And for those who don’t really have much money, this Mount Bromo tour Midnight package might be a good offer since you can get complete facilities such as private vehicle, jeep, and the entrance tickets for all the tourism objects visited; and you can get all of that in affordable price.   

Reservation Package:

If you want to make reservation in advance, so, you can contact +62 823-3490-0924 directly.