Mount Bromo Songa Rafting Tour

Mount Bromo Songa Rafting Tour 2 Day

Mount Bromo Tour & Songa Rafting: Best Vacation Option

Mount Bromo Songa Rafting Tour 2 Days | Bromo Water Rafting – Scheduling for a family vacation trip can be quite challenging, especially when every member of the family has her/his own schedule; with this Bromo Tour Package combination with water Rafting, however, makes a great holiday getaway even for busy families.

The Travel Package we are going to talk about here is the Mount Bromo Songa Rafting Tour 2 Day, which literally takes 2 days in total. This can be a great vacation because it takes a total of two days, which means Saturday and Sunday; or any day tourists want.

Mount Bromo Songa Rafting Tour 2 Day
Mount Bromo Songa Rafting Tour

Bromo Mountain is indeed a perfect getaway for families and anyone who wish to enjoy fresh air, relaxing journey, and exhilarating adventure in one package, moreover if combine with rafting, surely your vacation will be very exciting. This site does offer them all, so, we will explain about this package trip for 2 days as follows:

The Itinerary Surabaya Mount Bromo Songa Rafting Tour 2 Day 1 Night

Basically the Songa Rafting Bromo Tour Package allows tourists to enjoy the exhilarating white-water rafting at Pekalen River and the beauty of Bromo in only two days.

Day 1 Surabaya to Rafting

Starting from Day 1, early in the morning the tour crew will pick tourists up from Surabaya airport or whatever hotel they are staying at. After that, tourists will take an air-conditioned transportation to Songa rafting; the journey will take around 4 hours.

After arriving at the base camp of rafting, tourists continue their journey to Pakelan River, which will take around 30 minutes. The 12-kilometer rafting lasts for 3 to 4 hours.

Then, after rafting tour, the tourist can be having lunch and going to Bromo, check in hotel and rest.

Day 2 Bromo Sunrise – Surabaya / Malang (Finish Program)

Tourists will start the tour to Bromo Mountain the next day. The trip to Bromo Mountain starts at around 3, in order to catch the enchanting sunrise view on Mount Penanjakan or Kingkong hill.

After enjoying the sunrise and having a pleasant stroll on the area, tourists return to the jeep and continue the trip to the popular Sea Sand of Bromo. This Bromo Tour allows tourists to enjoy horse riding for around 15 minutes. Then, tourists will to take a stroll to enjoy Bromo Crater view.

Then after enjoying sunrise and other things at Bromo, tourists then return to the jeep, heading to the hotel to enjoy tasty breakfast and prepare to check out. The tour provides transportation to Surabaya airport or hotel, which marks the end of the 2-day Bromo tour.

Facilities Tourists Will Get:

The main facilities included in this Bromo water rafting are including

  1. Transportation from Surabaya to rafting base camp, as well as to the Bromo Mountain.
  2. Ticket and equipment for rafting are also include in the package, as well as local guide in Rafting.
  3. Transportation Jeep and entrance fee to Bromo
  4. Breakfast during the trip
  5. Mineral water
  6. Toll road and parking fee
  7. Hotel for 1 night in Bromo area

Facilities Tourist Excluded:

  1. Tipping for the driver are not include.
  2. For the plane ticket to and from Surabaya (especially for non-Surabaya residents), are not include.
  3. Lunch and dinner during the trip
  4. Airplane fare for tourists from outside Surabaya or Malang is to be covered by tourists themselves
  5. Travel insurance

This Bromo Rafting Tour Overall

This Mount Bromo Rafting Tour basically offers two attractions at once; they are the natural beauty of Bromo and exhilarating white-water rafting at Songa. Water rafting itself will on Pakelan River, which is located on Ranu Gedang village.

This Bromo Tour Package is a perfect short vacation as it combines the exciting rafting adventure and relaxing sunrise experience.

As its package name, tourists only need to spare two days of their holiday to join the tour package. So it is possible that tourists spend their Saturday-Sunday weekend on this vacation.In short, this tour package will make a perfect getaway for busy family who need to take a short break from their exhausting weekdays.

Contact Info for Booking

If this Bromo rafting Tour is something that you and your family needs, it is better for you to contact the travel service on 082334900924. By contacting the number, tourists will be able to discuss the whole trip in detail, as well as the price and the complete list of facilities given by the tour service.

Besides, booking the trip way before holiday season is recommended as tourists can prepare everything they need during the vacation.