Mount Bromo Semeru Trekking Tour Package

Mount Bromo Semeru Trekking Tour 4 Day

Mount Bromo Semeru Trekking Tour Package is Naturally Tired Release Trip

Mount Bromo Semeru Trekking Tour Package 4-Days is a tour package that combines two of the highest mountain peaks in a thrilling but very enchanting trekking trip program.

Therefore Mental and physical readiness is required before starting this journey. Make sure you are in a healthy and perfect condition so you can enjoy every inch of valuable experience that may be only once in your life.

The climb starts from exploring the peak of Semeru and is followed by splitting the Bromo mountain landscape the next day. Preparation of personal tools for trekking that takes hours and also personal medications including vitamins that you normally consume to maintain physical fitness. Because this very impressive 4-days trekking to Bromo and Semeru is highly recommended for those of you who love nature and enjoy the adventure.

The Mount Bromo Semeru Trekking Tour 4D3N Trip itinerary

Day 1 Picked up to Probolinggo or Malang

When you arrive in Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, our staff will immediately pick you up at the agreed place. Using air-conditioned four-wheeled vehicles, then we will drive for about 3 hours to Probolinggo or Malang. Upon arrival at Tumpang or Sukapura village check in hotel and free program you may have.

Day 2 Kalimati or Camp Arcapada

You will be awakened early in the morning and after breakfast at the hotel, then we will drive in the dashing 4 WD Jeep to Ranu Pane Village for about 1.5 hours and the journey continues on foot.

Start trekking trips to Camp Kalimati or Camp Arcapada (about six hours’ walk). Lunch and a short break to unwind at Ranu Kumbolo. Back continue trekking for three hours to reach Kalimati Base. You will spend the night by staying here.

Day 3 The Summit of Mount Semeru

At 1 a.m. morning, we will start climbing to Arcapada to continue towards the summit of Mount Semeru for three hours, after reaching the summit of Semeru, we will rest to enjoy the amazing view of the highest mountain in Java and then come down from the top of Semeru back to Pangkalan Kalimati, after breakfast and rest for a while then proceed to Ranu Kumbolo.

There we will rest while having lunch, followed by trekking to Ranu Pane. After arriving at Ranu Pane village in the afternoon, take a short break and proceed to Mount Bromo with 4 WD Jeep. We will cross the hills and savanna which is very wonderful then check in to the hotel in Cemoro Lawang Village. After this, you can do free activities.

Day 4 Sunrise Bromo Mountain – Tour Bromo

We will wake up in the early morning. With 4 WD Jeep, then we take you to the peak of Pananjakan which reaches an altitude of 2,770 M, to see a stunning view of the sunrise on the summit of Mount Bromo.

And then to drive across a sea of ​​charming sand, next, trekking to the top of Mount Bromo up close to the smoky crater. Then back to hotel, breakfast and check out. By air-conditioned private vehicle, we will take you back to transfer to Surabaya for 3 hours’ drive. Finally, End of Mount Bromo Semeru Trekking Tour Package after you arrive at Surabaya Airport safely.

Facilities Included in Mount Bromo Semeru Trekking Tour 4 Day:

  1. AC private vehicle During trip
  2. Jeep 4 WD
  3. Entrance tickets, trekking permits, and Semeru-Bromo insurance
  4. Goods transportation services team
  5. Tents, mattresses and sleeping bags also
  6. Lodging in Ranu Pane / Tumpang / Sukapura
  7. Hotel accommodations in the Bromo mountain area
  8. English-speaking guide to guide the trekking
  9. Eat and consume
  10. Medical check up for permit to Semeru

Facilities Exclude in Mount Bromo Semeru Trekking Tour 4 Day:

  1. Airport tax and airfare
  2. Personal travel insurance
  3. Additional food, soft drinks, and snacks
  4. Expenditures for personal needs
  5. Tips

Conclusion Semeru Bromo Tour Package Trekking 4 days

This trekking tour package really opens your horizons in knowing the beautiful nature of the Semeru and Bromo mountains. Magnificent mountain peaks can you conquer happily.

A trip that makes your mind and body really charged as before. A stress reliever media that you need as a perfect refreshment.Traveling both by driving and trekking will create a happy and stress-free atmosphere. The accommodation we provide is a different nuance that you can enjoy while enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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